Video Search

You can search for a video by title. Enter a title, or a partial title, and Roksbox will search your video collection to find the video.

If you use the Grid Screen, scroll up until you see the heading "Search Results" on the left. You can then select the Search icon to begin entering your search criteria. If you use the Poster Screen, scroll to the left along the top category row until you reach "Search Results". Press the down arrow on the remote to highlight the Search icon, then select the icon to begin entering your search criteria.

The search screen allows only lowercase alphabetic characters, and numbers. That's because searches are case insensitive, and you don't need to include any type of punctuation. Roksbox will ignore any punction within a title, and will treat underscores as spaces. You can search for partial words in the title, and you can skip words within the title. For example, if you want to search for Alice In Wonderland, you can search for the following:


Ali In Wonder

Alice Wonderland

Or you can use any other combination of words within the title, as long as they are in the proper order. These searches will also find Alice_In_Wonderland.