Roksbox Registration

You may run Roksbox for 30 days without registering. After 30 days, you must register to continue using Roksbox.

During your 30 day period, you will receive a registration message on the first day, and reminder messages every day beginning with the 20th day. You may register anytime by selecting 'Register' from the Roksbox main menu, or by selecting 'Register Now' from the Roksbox reminder messages.

Once you register your first Roku player with Roksbox, you can use the same account to register other Roku players within your household.

You will need to log into the Roksbox website to complete the registration.

Once logged in, you will see a Roksbox Registration screen. Enter the 6 character registration code from your Roksbox registration screen on your TV, and click Submit. If you entered the code correctly, you will get a message saying that the registration was successful. Your Roksbox TV screen will also display a successful message. You can now begin using Roksbox.