Creating Multilevel Video Subcategories

Multilevel video subcategories can be created using the Genre definition in Personal Video Database, or by manually creating the genre in the xml file. To use individual nfo or xml files with the directory structure method, click here.

To create a multilevel subcategory, define a Genre that has the following format:


The multilevel subcategory definition starts with a left square bracket ([), then the name of the top level category, then a forward slash (/), and each subcategory seperated by a forward slash. The multilevel subcategory definition ends with a right square bracket (]).

You can define an unlimited number of subcategories, but normally you will only want one or two.

Here are some examples of some multilevel subcategories:

[TV/Comedy/The Office]
[TV/Comedy/30 Rock]
[TV/SciFi/Star Trek]

You can define multiple genres for each video by seperating them with a comma. For example, you can define a genre as:

Action, Adventure, Drama, [TV/Drama]

In this example, the video will show up under the Action category, the Adventure category, the Drama category, and the TV/Drama category/subcategory.

Defining Poster Art for Subcategories

You can define poster art for each subcategory. Poster art will correspond to the subcategory structure that you have defined, and will be located in the images folder under your Videos folder. If the genre structure is

[Category/Subcategory 1/Subcategory 2...]

then the poster art would be

images\Category\Subcategory 1\poster.jpg
images\Category\Subcategory 1\Subcategory 2\poster.jpg

For example, if you have a genre defined as

[TV/Comedy/The Office], the poster art for each subcategory would be in:

images\TV\Comedy\The Office\poster.jpg

Recommended poster art sizes are:

Movie Poster Art (portrait): SD=158x204; HD=214x306
YouTube Poster Art (landscape): SD=224x158; HD=304x237

The multilevel subcategory feature gives you a lot of flexibility in structuring your videos.