Photo Directory Structure

Roksbox can display your photos based on your photo directory structure. With this option, you don't need to create a photos.xml file. Roksbox will find your photos within your directory structure and make them available to view.

When using the directory structure option, Roksbox will start at the root folder of your photo structure, and scan each subfolder for valid photos. The first level of folders below your root folder will be used as the main categories, and each subfolder that contains one or more photoss will be used as a subcategory. The names of the folders will be used as the category names. Any photos in the root directory will not be included.

You can include a thumbnail image which will be displayed on the Roksbox screen for each folder in the form of a thumbnail.jpg, or thumbnail.png file. The thumbnail file should be in the folder that it represents. If there is no thumbnail file, Roksbox will look at the first photo in the folder. If it is less than 100k in size, it will use it as a thumbnail image. If no thumbnail image is found, Roksbox will try to find a thumbnail image in a lower level folder. If it can't find a thumbnail file, it will use a default thumbnail image.

To use your directory structure to view your photos, delete the Photo XML Name on the Roksbox Network Settings screen, or do not include a photos.xml file in your photos root folder. Also, directory listings must be enabled on your web server.

You also must have your web server and setup information working as described in the tutorial, and your photos must be accessible from your web server.


All valid photos within a folder will be displayed in the Roksbox slideshow except the thumbnail.jpg or thumbnail.png file. If you are using a reduced size photo as the thumbnail photo, it will also be displayed in the slideshow on Roksbox. If you don't want it to be displayed in the slideshow, rename it to thumbnail.jpg, or thumbnail.png (based on its current extension).

Roksbox does not check the size of the thumbnail file if it is named thumbnail.jpg or thumbnail.png. However, to provide adequate navigation speed, the thumbnail file should be less than 100k in size. Larger files will take longer to load on the Roksbox poster and detail screens.

Also remember to use "Quick Click" to quickly navigate along the top row. Click your left or right mouse button "quickly" (about two clicks per second) to navigate without having to wait for the poster art to be retrieved and displayed on each click.