Music Slideshow

Roksbox can show a photo slideshow while you are listening to your music.

Before you use the music photo slideshow, you should select where you want to retrieve your photos from.To do this, from the Roksbox main menu, go to Options -> My Options -> Music Preferences -> Music Slideshow Options.From here you can choose to retrieve your photos from your currently playing artist directory, or your currently playing album directory.

If you choose to retrieve photos from you currently playing artist or currently playing album directories, you should put valid photos (.jpg, .png. or .gif images) in those directories.Roksbox will check these directories, and if it finds any phtos, it will display them while the artist/album is playing.

To have Roksbox display a photo slideshow, select "yes" for the show slideshow option on the album detail screen, or from the screen showing the currently playing song. You can also turn the slideshow on or off while a song is playing.