Third Party Tools

The owners and developers of Roksbox are in no way associated with any of the third party software below.

Necessary Software

The following third party software mentioned has been chosen to be used with Roksbox because it is reasonably easy to use, and it provides the functionality necessary for Roksbox to work.

MediaMonkey - Organize your music.

PicaJet - Organize your photos.

Personal Video Database - Organize your videos.

Other Useful Media Tools

Bulk Rename Utility - Easily rename files and folders.

Mp3 Tag Tools - ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.x mp3 mass tag editing utility.

HandBrake - Video transcoder.

ThumbGen - Create Movie Sheets, and detail information for videos (Windows only).

Medieer - Create individual XML files for videos (Windows, Mac, Linux).