You can change the way Roksbox looks by choosing from various themes. There are currently only a few themes available, but there will be more added over time. Themes can be based on seasons, holidays, landscapes, or other miscellaneous subjects.

To select a theme, go to Options -> My Options -> Themes from the Roksbox main menu. Here you can select one of the available themes. Use the up and down arrow keys to highlight the theme you want, then press Select or OK (depending on which type of remote you have) to select the theme. Select Exit to exit the Theme screen. For the theme to take effect, you must either log off (select Logoff from the main menu), or exit and re-start Roksbox.


Current Themes

Black Roks


Tropical Sunset


4th Of July











If you select Auto, the theme will change automatically, based on the holiday or special occasion.