Frugal Mode

Frugal mode allows you to make the most efficient use of the Roku player's memory.Frugal mode can be used when using the directory structure to access your media.It is most useful when you have a very large video, music, or photo collection, or if it takes a long time to load your media.If your media collection is so large that it won't load at all, frugal mode can probably solve the problem.

Instead of parsing and loading the entire directory structure from a particular category, frugal mode parses and loads only the current directory level.The subsequent levels are parsed only when selected.This results in parsing and loading the directory levels only when needed, and eliminates loading unnecessary items.

However, by not parsing the entire directory structure, you won't get poster art from lower levels to show up at upper levels that don't contain poster art.This is easily remedied by putting poster art in each subcategory folder.Also, since Roksbox doesn't "look ahead", you can have folders showing up on the screen that don't have any media files in them.

You can easily turn frugal mode on or off by toggling the frugal indicator on each of the media options in the media settings.Frugal mode has no affect when using xml files.