Organize Your Media Folders

There are two ways to use your media files with Roksbox. One is to put them into a specifically configured folder structure, which does not require any advanced configuration, and the other way is to leave them where they are, and set up aliases on your web server to "point" to your existing files. To set up aliases with your current configuration, see the Advanced Features page. To use a specifically configured folder structure, see the instructions below.

Although it's not required, a good way to organinze your files is to have a media root folder directly under your web server root (C:\www if you did Step 1 of this tutorial). In this example, we will call this folder Media. Under the media folder there should be a video folder, a music folder, and a photo folder, which we will call Videos, Music, and Photos, respectively. You can use different names if you want. Also, there can be other folders under your web server root, but that won't hurt anything, as long as you have a media root folder with three subfolders representing videos, music, and photos. Here is an example of what it should look like:



Another View



You don't have to have the media root folder, but your media folders do have to be accessible from your web server root directory.