Scrobbling is a function where a message is sent to the website indicating that you have listened to a particular song.Roksbox can Scrobble a song to your profile whenever you finish listening to a song from your local media collection.It can also notify whenever you begin listening to a song so that can identify the song your are currently listening to.These functions are both optional.

In order to Scrobble or send Now Playing information from Roksbox, you must first have a account.If you don't have a account, you can go to to set one up.Once you have a account, you need to link Roksbox with your account.To do this, from the Roksbox main menu, go to Options -> My Options -> Music Preferences -> Link Account.On this screen, choose Enter or Change account information to enter or change your account.Use the on-screen keyboard to enter your username and password.If you enter a valid username and password, you will see a message indicating that you have successfully linked your account with Roksbox.Otherwise, you will get an unsuccessful message, and your account will not be linked with Roksbox.

Once you have successfully linked your account with Roksbox, you will have options to send Now Playing information, and to Scrobble to the options which you prefer.You can change these options at any time by returning to the link screen and making the appropriate changes.You can also unlink your account if you want to.

Once you choose to send Now Playing information or Scrobble information to, these functions will happen automatically while listening to your music.You will see a Now Playing icon when your songs begin, and a Scrobble icon when they finish.